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Tips to Pick Suitable Shades for Quartz Countertop

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One of the most unique minerals found in various forms and styles is quartz. Composed on small minute microscopic crystals that give it the glorious sheen Quart is one of the best materials to pick for kitchen countertops.

Now, if you’ve considered investing in quartz countertops Toronto, for your new modular kitchen that is good news. However, quartz is available in various shades and at certain times it can be confusing to understand which color would suit your remodeled pantry best. This is why go through this blog to determine the right shade to pick for your Quartz Kitchen Countertop.

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Review Sample Colors

Quartz the gemstone has various colors in it ranging from yellow to brown. So, check out the sample colors to find out which suits the interior and décor of your home. Try comparing shades and finding a suited hue that works best to amplify your renovated kitchen.

Also, consider how the lighting will reflect on the kitchen countertop. A dull shade might diminish the kitchen aesthetics so, go for the shade that bolsters and makes your countertop compliment the kitchen design style.


Plan beforehand to find out which quartz countertops Toronto color would offer longevity and sheen. Along with color also focus on design and aesthetics and in this aspect, the best option is to pick engineered quartz.

These are long-lasting and provide décor that borders towards future designs.

Additionally, when picking the kitchen countertop shade, look at the colors you already have on the walls and floor. You can use light pink or mellow yellow depending on the shade that reflects your kitchen’s personality best.

Yellow to occur shades offer solid coloring and design patterns that look appealing in bolder kitchen designs.

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Quartz Thickness

Picking the correct thickness of your quartz countertops Toronto is also a determining factor on how well the color appears. This will help you create layered edgy profiles combining different shades that come out prettily.

Now to do this, first match the color of your cabinets to your quartz kitchen countertop. However, ensure that the color of the countertop and the kitchen cabinets are not contrasted. Similar colors give an authentic radiant aura that reflects the beauty of kitchen cabinets.

For example, if you have off white cabinets the go for pale yellow of pinkish quartz countertops to compliment the kitchen aesthetics best.

Moving on,

What are the Perks of Picking Quartz Rock for Kitchen Countertops?

Now, that you know of the many ways to pick the right shade for your quartz countertops Toronto; let’s check the many perks of using one.


High Durability

Quartz countertops are basically man-made slabs of stone containing 90% quartz and 10% of other binding pigments. This is why these are extremely durable and tough; additionally, these are scratch resistant too. You can be chopping, banging down knives and utensils and still if chosen from a reputed store, quartz is resistant to extensive damage.

Non-Porous and Easy Maintenance

Quart countertops are engineered in a way that makes them non-porous. Hence, the chance of cracks developing and absorbing fluids is less. Further, these require simple maintenance using soap and water.

This is why weighing the pros it is best to invest in quartz countertops Toronto for durability and design. To get more knowledge about quartz countertops Click Here!

Signs of damage in your Kitchen Cabinets

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It is easy to form an attachment with everything in your household, even your kitchen cabinets. But sometimes it is better to say goodbye. Everything comes with an expiry date and kitchen cabinets Vaughan points out 5 signs of damage that prove that you need get rid of your cabinets.

Broken drawers

There are ways to repair them of course, but no matter how much money you spend on them, they’ll never go back to its previous state and will be extremely fragile. This is a risk as you will end up with damaged drawers again and your expenditure would have proved useless. So save yourself those extra bucks, and order a new piece of furniture maybe with more modern design and upgraded style. So contact kitchen cabinets Vaughan and get a new cabinet.

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Too Old for Comfort

Back in the days, furniture was not designed keeping convenience in mind. If you are using a cabinet that makes you crawl inside in order to find what you need, you must seriously consider getting an upgrade, it is high time now. Remodeling your kitchen will ensure that you get the most out of your furniture and the best. You can match it with your home décor, and also opt for new and unique ergonomic designs. You do not want to end up with a spinal injury while working in your kitchen it is really not worth it. Kitchen cabinets Vaughan has a wide variety of new and unique designs to suit every style.


Over time the appearance of your furniture will not remain very pleasing to the eye. When signs of damage become apparent, it is time to change the furniture. Heat and water damage are the most common one, other damages include being over used or used over a long time, there is no point dragging it.

Buying something new

When you planned your kitchen décor in the beginning you had a color coding in mind and bought everything to match your overall décor. But then you had to suddenly buy something new, like a fridge but it does not match the rest of the furniture and also space becomes an issue. You have two choices, you can either modify your old cabinet spending money needlessly, or you can call kitchen cabinets Vaughan and order a new cabinet. The latter is a more economic option.

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So these are the signs to look for to understand that it might be right time to say “out with the old”. There is usually a huge telltale sign that leads people into making the choice of renovation and that signs varies from individual to individual. But whenever you decide to work on your kitchen make sure you hire a certified professional. You can also hire a designer to help you with the décor and new trends. kitchen cabinets Vaughan is as good as they can get, so book your appointment with their contractor and turn your kitchen into a brand new one.

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