A guide on waterproofing the basement

As the cold winter days are approaching speedily we need to think of something in order to save yourself from this freezing temperature which can heavily wreak the havoc of the houses particularly the basement. So in this article, we will be providing you with some tips that will help you in basement waterproofing Toronto and keeping the house warm and dry. The basement of the house shouldn’t be ignored during the winter season.

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  • Weeping tile: The weeping tile will save your home by defending the rising water. If you stay at a place where the chances of the water build-up near the soil are high then you will be needing a weeping tile. All the excess water will get inside it and it will carry them away from the foundation and will stop it from getting inside the house. Make sure that the weeping file is properly functioning before the onset of cold weather.

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  • Window Well: Window well is basically made for the houses that have a basement in it. In this way, your basement can also gain some natural light.  Window well can cause trouble during the winter time. So if the window well is not shut down properly then the snow will get deposited and whenever it is melting the water is getting inside the basement. So make sure that the window well is completely sealed during the winter season to avoid any basement waterproofing Toronto issues.


  • Sump Pump: Sump Pump is one of the most vital parts of the house. It helps in maintaining the hydrostatic pressure and groundwater at the lower side. It will ensure that the basement is completely dry and the water is not getting inside it through any crack or holes. Even if your house is having low height still you should have Sump Pump in it for protecting it from the water. So make sure that the battery backup is ready for the sump pump during the winter season.


  • Basement Crack Repair: If a house is having the tiniest crack still it has the capability of causing any problem and whenever your basement is having cracks repairing it quickly is the wisest decision. Moreover, your basement can face additional stress during dry cold climate which will make these cracks to appear bigger along with some new cracks.

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  • Underpinning: If your basement waterproofing Toronto is having a ceiling that is very low then underpinning can help you a lot. It will give you the space that you need.


  • Eavestrough Maintenance: Eavestrough is important when it comes to keeping the house dry. Eavestrough can guarantee that it will help the water to easily pass through it.

This is a small overview of how to keep your basement clean and dry during the winter. One should always know the right equipment that needs to be installed. So make sure you are opting for a cost-effective plan and not sacrificing on the quality and doing a proper check on the basement before your installing anything. If you are looking for basement waterproofing Toronto then you can surely get many reputed places.

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